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BOON‘a blanket is universal and soft, made with a unique and patented Baltic Amber fabric and cotton velour. With BOON’as image embroidered, this blanket is perfect to play on at day and cover the baby with warmth and comfort at night.

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Doesn’t matter if he’s playing or sleeping, your baby can have his BOON’a blanket with him at all times! Made with a unique and patented Baltic Amber fabric on one side and soft and fluffy cotton velour on the other side. This blanket can be used for various purposes such as bedding, crib cover, playtime cover, stroller cover, car seat cover and for air baths for baby body time. Amber fabric has a positive effect on the baby’s mood and health, it helps to reduce teething pains, improve blood circulation, stimulate the skin and has a soothing and warming effect. This BOON’a blanket will quickly become your babies best friend.


What makes Blanker BOON‘a so amazing?

  • Made with a unique, patented, certified Baltic Amber fabric.
  • Baltic Amber fabric helps: soothe teething pains, reduce drooling, prevent rashes and more.
  • Made only using natural and organic materials.
  • All products are tested and certified to be safe for babies!
  • ECO FRIENDLY packaging.


With BOON’a your baby will have the magic of Amber near him at all times!

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Amber textile

15 % Amber fiber / 85% Organic cotton

Other materials

100% Velours


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