About us

Our love of amber began over a decade ago, and we’ve been enchanted by this ancient organic mineral and its unique properties ever since.

It’s not just amber’s aesthetic beauty, either. We are also captivated by the legends surrounding the Baltic Sea’s most beloved pay someone to do my research paper gemstone; like the belief that it protects against evil while attracting both success and happiness.

Our passion for amber first manifested itself in the form oexample of a rhetorical analysis essay site:theessayclub.comf necklaces, bracelets and other pieces of luxury jewellery. However, over the years we discovered that amber could also be used to soothe the pain babies experience while teething. But since babies and children cannot wear necklaces when they sleep, we had to come up with another solution.

It took almost three years of creating samples and having them tested in a laboratory, but in the end we finally found a solution – a unique organic amber textile – and Boon’a was born! Now, babies can sleep with a soft toy or blanket made of amber fabric and get relief from teething pain. And it’s more than just nighttime relief; babies can play and chew on Boon’a toys throughout the day, too.how to write a great conclusion

We are excited to be able to share these products with children around the world and help them play and be happy!

Let’s make the most of the benefits of amber together!

My love Boon’a

BOON’a the dream hero, the only toy in the world made with a unique patented Baltic Amber fabric.

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