About amber

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Amber is an organic stone made of fossilised tree resin that was formed in Baltic Sea more than 50 million years ago.  Hippocrates, the father of medicine (460-377 m. Pr. Kr.), described the Amber healing properties and uses of Baltic amber in alternative medicine.

Modern science research that amber is composed of an element useful to human health: succinic acid, iodine, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, cobalt, barium and aluminum.

Amber healing properties:

1. Aches and pain reliever:

Newborns alleviates emptying problems and abdominal pain; baby’s teething pain, drooling, fevers; for adult head, neck and throat areas pain and also rheumatism, arthritis, and aching muscles and joints.

A2. Curing Throat Diseases

And there is a scientific explanation to that. This comes from the chemical properties of the resin. When formed, resin acts as a natural embalming agent with both drying and anti-microbial properties.

3.  Insomnia

The first theoretical research that “Amber as Insomnia” was in the 20th century.

4.  Antispasmodic, Tranquilizer

The amber and succinic acid is not new to mothers and others who look for alternative and natural healing. Amber products are sold in local pharmacies in many European countries including Baltic countries,  Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, where amber has been respected for its medicinal qualities for centuries.

5. Anti-microbial properties

Once formed, the resin acts as a natural embalming agent with both drying and antimicrobial properties.

5. Improves immunity

Current research shows that today’s prevailing unfavorable environmental conditions affect cellular metabolism and significantly weaken the immune system. But University of Hamburg, Germany confirmed the safe and positive effects of succinic [amber] and fumaric acids in cellular metabolism.

6. Fastens Healing and Strengthens Body

The elements in the amber are very effective after long-term illnesses and injuries. They allow the patient to restore the immunity of the disease, as well as intellectual fitness with the opportunity to concentrate.

7. Psychological, Emotional and Mental Healing

First of all, amber warms to the touch and exudes a nice, relaxing fragrance in the palm of your hand. It is also the only fossil resin surface of which contains 3-8% succinic acid. The latter is a pretty powerful substance with many applications for therapy healing. For example, plants absorbed the amber resin were often used as an antibiotic to heal cuts and or dress wounds.

What is Amber fiber? It is a new and unique fabric that is created by adding real, natural and certified Baltic amber particles while weaving natural linen, cotton or silk. The result is a soft, organic, natural, long-lasting fabric with all the properties of natural Baltic amber. The fabric has a much larger surface area compared to amber beads, wearing a piece of this fabric gives you much more direct contact with Baltic amber compared to just wearing a necklace, bracelet or anklet.

It’s a long-lasting, organic product that retains the healing and regenerative properties of amber itself. Mixed with natural linen, cotton, amber fiber has significant advantages compared with the known polymer composite fibers. Starting from the preservation of natural body heat to regenerative effect on skin cells – it gives the true magic of science for your little one’s health.

The amber fiber is made from purified Baltic gold (Baltic amber) by grinding it to powder. After that, it’s evenly distributed in polymer organics matrix which is the basis of fiber. Because of a much larger surface area, the nano-structured amber has much more bioactive properties than non-micronized.

Patented & Certified textile (Oeke-Tex 100 Standard family)

What makes our products so special is the amber fibre – a completely new, unique and patented fabric that is created by adding real, natural and certified Baltic amber particles while weaving natural linen, cotton or silk.  The result is a soft, organic, natural, long-lasting fabric with all the properties of natural Baltic amber. The fabric has a MUCH LARGER SURFACE AREA compared to amber beads, wearing a piece of this fabric gives you much more direct contact with Baltic amber compared to just wearing a necklace, bracelet or anklet. WHY IS MORE HELPFUL FOR baby’s teething pain, drooling, fevers and NEWBORNS alleviates emptying problems and abdominal pain.

Our goal is to reach families around the world and enrich their daily lives with a sprinkle of amber!


Non-allergenic: The organic fabric does not cause any allergic reactions or skin irritations.You child won’t have to cope with unpleasant skin irritation or other reactions. Regenerative effect on skin cells: Baltic amber stimulates the skin, improving your natural healing abilities and improving blood circulation.Amber fiber stimulates epidermis activity and facilitates normal regeneration of skin areas. Soft surface: The amber fiber is super soft and smooth, so your child will feel like wearing a cloud.The smooth nano-particles of Baltic amber in the fabric does not increase the roughness of the fabric, resulting in a smooth and soft fabric. UV radiation blockage: It reflects ultraviolet rays. Keeps the right body temperature: Maintains optimal body temperature, keeping your baby cool on a hot day and warm on a colder one. It preserves the natural heat of your child body. A wonderful choice for any season. Long-lasting material and eco-friendly: Amber fabric has a light amber color that doesn’t fade over time. Properly maintained and stored fabric will last a very long time, while discarded fabrics will decompose fairly quickly. It won’t fade and keep the natural amber color and transparency. Plus, it has a really high level of water absorption.

Our Beloved Merchandise

BOONA – your baby’s best friend!

More then just a toy – BOON’a is the dream hero for your baby. The only toy in the world made with Baltic amber fabric. BOON’a has a dreamcatcher on its tummy to pull bad dreams away from your baby and keep him or her calm and happy. Keep calm; boon’a is by your child’s side..

Colourful baby drool bibs

Bandana style baby bib – the best kind of bib available. Made with Baltic amber fabric on the inner side of the bib to help soothe teething pains. This amazing bib will keep your baby clean, dry and happy while looking very stylish.

Organic wooden ring

Organic wood teething ring with a unique Baltic Amber fabric, the wood has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, fun and safe to play with. The wooden ring is made of natural, organic wood. Will keep your baby happy and entertained.

Mommy helper toy

BOON’a sensory teething toy – made with a unique and patented Baltic Amber fabric. With different textures for tactile sensory exploration, wooden teething ring for chewing, Velcro fastener for a pacifier, Amber fabric to help soothe teething pains. The perfect mommy helper.


Soft blanket

BOON‘a blanket is universal and soft, made with a unique and patented Baltic Amber fabric and cotton velour. With BOON’as image embroidered, this blanket is perfect to play on at day and cover the baby with warmth and comfort at night.

Simple & sweet amber bedding

Let your baby experience a full-body relaxation, calm night of sleep and comfort. Made entirely out of Baltic amber fabric.