BOON’a product line features amber
textiles designed with children in
mind, giving your little ones an
enhanced feeling of comfort,
well-being and happiness. 

Baltic amber

Baltic amber was used in medicine for thousands of years and is used to this day. People from ancient times used it to help relieve pain, soothe the skinand improve quality of sleep.


Amber fibers

What is Amber fiber? It is a new and unique fabric that is created by adding real, natural and certified Baltic amber particles while weaving natural linen or cotton. The result is a soft, organic, natural, long-lasting fabric with all the properties of natural Baltic amber.



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    Baby BOON‘a

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    Velour BOON‘a Bandana bib – Light cream

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    Natural Teddy Bear with Amber Filling

    Sale! 250.00  200.00 
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    UFO BOON‘a

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    BOON‘a Bamboo Bandana bib – Dark cream

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    BOON’a cotton rainbow bib – Apple green

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    BOON’a bamboo bandana bib and organic wood teething toy set


Unique Organic
Amber Textile

All Boon’a products features a unique fabric produced from natural cotton with amber fibers. It effectively reveals and makes use of the positive qualities of Baltic gold - amber.

100% Baltic Amber

Amber is an organic mineral made of fossilised tree resin that was formed in Baltic Sea more than 50 million years ago.

Natural Energy

To this day, many legends portray that amber protects against evil while attracting both success and happiness. It is believed that amber is an "electron" that works to absorb negative energy.

Safe for Babies

Tests confirm that our products and fabrics are safe for children of all ages. All certificates are available in

Patented & Certificied

Our amber fiber textile has no equivalent anywhere in the world, and is protected by four patents.


All Boon'a products meet the highest standards and meets all health and safety requirements.

Eco Friendly

All of our products are made using only natural materials and packed in a eco-friendly, recycled paper boxes.

Bedtime Story of Boon'a

A little book inside every package. The story revolves around the superhero Boon’a, who brought a boon of amber to the world.